Inefficiency Magazine


Beautiful, Thoughtful, Therapeutic 

As a therapist, you expend a tremendous amount of energy and resources improving your craft. However, you most likely were never trained to cultivate your waiting room space and find ways for it to support your therapeutic work. Waiting rooms are important transitional spaces with the potential of slowing down your clients and helping them find grounding before their session with you.

Most of the psychological publications you have available to you are helpful academic journals THAT ONLY YOU read or pretty, pop psychology magazines that YOU DON'T read and doesn't provide meaningful reflection to you or your clients. Gone are the days you have to provide magazines to your client that don't resonate with them or the work you do with them. Inefficiency has created the magazine your waiting room has been waiting for!

Inefficiency Magazine is a beautiful, thoughtful and therapeutic publication created by therapists and artists just like you! This quarterly, boutique magazine has the powerful combination of being both beautiful AND a helpful resource that you can offer your clients. Every issue will support your hard work by encouraging the self-awareness, creativity, depth and playfulness that goes into psychotherapy.

Buy a subscription to Inefficiency Magazine to start cultivating a more helpful and whole experience for your clients both inside and outside of your counseling office. The magazine launches September 2018 and pre-sales are available now at a discounted rate of 20% off. Buy now for a more inefficient space!

Check out a preview of some of the content that will be coming your way in Inffeficiency Magazine.